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BPE Selected to Run the Dearborn

12.10.14 by Jesse Solomon (BTR Staff)

Today, Superintendent McDonough announced that he has selected BPE to be the external operator to partner with BPS to operate the Dearborn.  We at BPE are deeply grateful for the opportunity, and we appreciate the Superintendent’s confidence.  We also appreciate the work… [more]
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Advocating Equity

12.09.14 by Anthony Mathieu (BTR Graduate)

If you were to step foot into some of the most high-performing college preparatory institutions of the Boston Public Schools (BPS), there are a few commonalities you would encounter: • Student engagement • Culture of rigor • Future enrollment in 4-year colleges… [more]
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First-Year Checkpoint

11.30.14 by Gage Norris (BTR Graduate)

Since my last reflective writing, I’ve officially become a first-year teacher, which is a formal way of saying I’ve officially become a complete and total mess with a fancy ID card. Brand new students, brand new building, brand new mistakes every single… [more]
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About Boston Teacher Residency

Boston Teacher Residency (BTR) was founded as a partnership of BPE and the Boston Public Schools with a mission to prepare excellent teachers for Boston’s children. Since graduating its first class in 2004, BTR and its network of graduates have helped spearhead a new movement in education reform — developing teachers in the areas of highest need, reversing trends in teacher retention, and receiving positive feedback from administrators across the city.

BTR has been recognized as a national model of teacher education by President Obama, the federal Teacher Quality Partnership grant program, and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education’s Blue Ribbon Panel report on quality clinical preparation. The program was named one of six finalists in the Innovations in American Government Award sponsored by the Ash Center at Harvard University.

As a co-founder of Urban Teacher Residency United, BTR serves as a model for other teacher residency programs and is leading the way nationally in improving how teachers are educated. More.

Nondiscrimination Policy
BTR does not discriminate with regard to race, color, origin, gender, political affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.

Reasonable Accommodations
BTR is committed to seeking qualified applicants with disabilities and can provide reasonable accommodations during the application process and time of service upon request

A recent survey found that 97% of principals would recommend hiring a BTR graduate to a colleague.

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