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Authentic Inclusion

10.22.14 by Nehemie Cesar (Resident)

It’s been a month since school started. My palms were sweaty the first day, my toes digging into my leather loafers. I spent the first few days preparing for the classroom, haven’t yet prepared myself. And the students joined the classroom. The room filled… [more]
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We’re celebrating 30 years…

10.02.14 by Jesse Solomon (BTR Staff)

The year was 1984. Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics defeated the Lakers in a seven-game NBA Championship. Cheers won its second Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series. The first Apple Macintosh computer was sold. Michael Jackson’s Thriller album topped the charts. A gallon… [more]
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That Magic Moment

9.29.14 by Larry Shiman (Resident)

September marks a huge transition for BTR residents. All summer, we took coursework preparing for the year ahead. We sat in classrooms with our fellow residents discussing countless topics related to teaching, yet with many of us wondering what it will actually be like… [more]
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8.28.14 by Andrew Faiz (Resident)

As I prepared for my Selection Day back in March during the BTR application process, I was stressing over the mini-lesson I had to teach…in just seven minutes.  What could I possibly teach in my content area in seven minutes?   I spent days… [more]
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Into the Unknown…Together!

8.15.14 by Steven Dunmire (Resident)

The first time I ever spoke the words “I want to be a teacher,” I was 14 and answering a question from my middle school chorus director. At the time it was a new thought, born of realizing that when I grew up I… [more]
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DSNCS 6-12 STEM Academy

8.08.14 by Jesse Solomon (BTR Staff)

On July 16th, Superintendent John McDonough recommended to the Boston School Committee that BPE and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School assume responsibility for running the Dearborn school effective September, 2015.  We are honored and excited to be asked to take on this work.… [more]
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First Impressions

8.06.14 by Larry Shiman (Resident)

We have completed our first segment of the program, and have only a couple of weeks left of summer classes before the year begins in earnest. It’s been true immersion into the world of teaching. I find myself constantly thinking about the topics we… [more]
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How Do We Get More Male Teachers…

7.10.14 by Travis Bristol (BTR Staff)

This piece was posted originally on the National Opportunity to Learn Campaign’s Blog: Opp2Learn, where Travis was invited to be a guest author.  Please click here to see more on the National Opportunity to Learn Campaign. This guest post was written by Dr. Travis… [more]
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Teaching Academies

7.01.14 by Jesse Solomon (BTR Staff)

School’s out, summer’s here (July 4th is this Friday!) – and it seemed like a good time to take stock of this past year and re-affirm where we are going. In 2012, in partnership with the amazing folks at the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative,… [more]
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The Last Two Weeks

6.16.14 by Gage Norris (BTR Graduate)

Last summer, my high school English teacher told me that this year would be hell, and that I’d love every minute of it. She was mostly right. There were plenty of minutes that I didn’t love. There were some that I hated. There were… [more]
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