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How Do We Get More Male Teachers…

7.10.14 by Travis Bristol (BTR Staff)

This piece was posted originally on the National Opportunity to Learn Campaign’s Blog: Opp2Learn, where Travis was invited to be a guest author.  Please click here to see more on the National Opportunity to Learn Campaign. This guest post was written by Dr. Travis… [more]
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Teaching Academies

7.01.14 by Jesse Solomon (BTR Staff)

School’s out, summer’s here (July 4th is this Friday!) – and it seemed like a good time to take stock of this past year and re-affirm where we are going. In 2012, in partnership with the amazing folks at the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative,… [more]
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The Last Two Weeks

6.16.14 by Gage Norris (BTR Graduate)

Last summer, my high school English teacher told me that this year would be hell, and that I’d love every minute of it. She was mostly right. There were plenty of minutes that I didn’t love. There were some that I hated. There were… [more]
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The Journey Continues

6.03.14 by Jeremy Scott (BTR Graduate)

The fact this blog should’ve been written months ago really shows how busy and intense this program is. It is finally June, meaning the school year is coming to an end. It really has been a tremendous year and I have not only grown… [more]
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An International Perspective…

4.29.14 by Justin Norton (BTR Graduate)

For all BTR residents and current teachers, I hope everyone is coming back rested and relaxed for the final push of the year!  It’s always tough to drag yourself back into the classroom after you get a taste of the beautiful weather coming our… [more]
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Teaching in an Age of State…

2.26.14 by Travis Bristol (BTR Staff)

Ida B. Wells-Barnett, the late American Black Freedom Struggle leader and anti-lynching activist, asserted, in 1900, that “OUR country’s national crime is lynching.”  In the face of the high profile cases in which a jury failed to convict Michael Dunn of first-degree murder stemming… [more]
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Journals about Water

2.25.14 by Gage Norris (BTR Graduate)

A few days ago, a fellow resident told me about a series of science lessons she’d planned for her students to read and learn about the properties of water. One of the lessons was a short experiment to see if they could get a… [more]
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The How and the Why

2.05.14 by Kayla Morse (BTR Graduate)

“How did I get here?”  I asked myself as I glanced around my empty classroom on last Friday evening. There were still pencils on the floor and books not quite put away, but I was ready to go, I was exhausted. So, I turned… [more]
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Relearning Perfectionism

2.02.14 by Gage Norris (BTR Graduate)

I’m a self-described perfectionist. I obsess over minor details and question them endlessly. I search for the perfect word, the perfect spot for each comma, the perfect melody, color, or shape. Then I choose one and question it all over again. I’m usually my… [more]
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A Day in the Life

1.24.14 by Leaf Elhai (BTR Graduate)

Over the last few months, I’ve had some great conversations with prospective BTR applicants who want to know about my experience with the program. These conversations usually start with big-picture questions: “What brought you to BTR?” “What’s the most challenging thing about teaching?” These… [more]
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