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My Favorite Challenge: Teaching

2.13.15 by Amanda Aparicio (Resident)

Why become a teacher? My desire to be a teacher has multiple sources; however, the two, dominant reasons can be attributed to (1) my love for supporting people’s understanding of a topic, and (2) a desire to contribute towards creating an equitable society. Because… [more]
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I Thought I Was Ready

2.04.15 by Malcolm King (BTR Graduate)

BTR didn’t prepare me for everything. It was a tremendous program, probably the best of its kind. Our 13 months of rigorous preparation almost makes me feel boastful of the ranged approach and depth of curriculum instructional strategies in my teaching arsenal. I can… [more]
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Morning Battle

1.30.15 by Jules Perez (Resident)

This post is the first in an ongoing series. Please follow the BTR Blog for more from Jules Perez on residency life. August 15, 2014 Only 6 weeks ago I was nervously running into Orchard Gardens (OG), afraid that I was the last person… [more]
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BPE Selected to Run the Dearborn

12.10.14 by Jesse Solomon (BTR Staff)

Today, Superintendent McDonough announced that he has selected BPE to be the external operator to partner with BPS to operate the Dearborn.  We at BPE are deeply grateful for the opportunity, and we appreciate the Superintendent’s confidence.  We also appreciate the work of the… [more]
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Advocating Equity

12.09.14 by Anthony Mathieu (BTR Graduate)

If you were to step foot into some of the most high-performing college preparatory institutions of the Boston Public Schools (BPS), there are a few commonalities you would encounter: • Student engagement • Culture of rigor • Future enrollment in 4-year colleges • High… [more]
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First-Year Checkpoint

11.30.14 by Gage Norris (BTR Graduate)

Since my last reflective writing, I’ve officially become a first-year teacher, which is a formal way of saying I’ve officially become a complete and total mess with a fancy ID card. Brand new students, brand new building, brand new mistakes every single day. One… [more]
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Update on Dearborn Process

10.30.14 by Jesse Solomon (BTR Staff)

As I originally posted here in August, on July 16th of this year, Superintendent John McDonough recommended to the Boston School Committee that BPE and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School assume responsibility for running the Dearborn school effective September, 2015.  On September 12th,… [more]
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Authentic Inclusion

10.22.14 by Nehemie Cesar (Resident)

It’s been a month since school started. My palms were sweaty the first day, my toes digging into my leather loafers. I spent the first few days preparing for the classroom, haven’t yet prepared myself. And the students joined the classroom. The room filled… [more]
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We’re celebrating 30 years…

10.02.14 by Jesse Solomon (BTR Staff)

The year was 1984. Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics defeated the Lakers in a seven-game NBA Championship. Cheers won its second Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series. The first Apple Macintosh computer was sold. Michael Jackson’s Thriller album topped the charts. A gallon… [more]
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That Magic Moment

9.29.14 by Larry Shiman (Resident)

September marks a huge transition for BTR residents. All summer, we took coursework preparing for the year ahead. We sat in classrooms with our fellow residents discussing countless topics related to teaching, yet with many of us wondering what it will actually be like… [more]
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