A Residency Year Completed

7.17.15 By Larry Shiman

A year has passed since I began the Boston Teacher Residency Program. The year has been everything BTR promised. I worked harder over the past year than at any other time in my life, yet it was immensely rewarding, and I feel far more prepared for the upcoming year than if I had not gone through the program. Over the course of a year as a BTR resident, you constantly record and reflect upon your teaching. When I look back at videos of myself teaching in November and then again in May, the change is obvious.

Spending the year with BTR, while also having a family was particularly challenging. Challenging, but not impossible. There is always work to be done, but I learned to balance the needs of the program and the needs of my family. The time I had to spend with my family was precious, and the trick was to free my mind during those moments so that I could be with them without still thinking about the work I still needed to complete.

Perhaps the most memorable day of the year was the day I got to see my seniors graduate. It was a very moving ceremony, and I will never forget the conversations I had with my students afterward. It is a wonderful reminder of why we teach. I am looking forward to seeing if I have the same reaction with each graduation day in the future. Somehow, I think it will never get old.

Looking back on the year, the first thought that comes to mind is the wonderful relationships I developed with my students. It’s a little sad I will not get to see them again, but I imagine its the nature of the business, and I am looking forward to getting to know a new group of students once the year begins.

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