MTEL and Teacher Licensure

Teacher candidates in the State of Massachusetts cannot be licensed without having passed all required MTELs. BTR Residents cannot pass the practicum and cannot graduate without having passed each MTEL required in their licensure area.

All teacher candidates must take the Communications and Literacy Skills Test, a two-part reading and writing test.

Elementary candidates must also take the General Curriculum test, including the multi-subject and math subtests.

Secondary (middle and high school) candidates must also take the subject test that responds to the grade/content they plan to teach.

More information

Thank you for your interest in BTR. We are thrilled to have received a large volume of applications during the Fall and Winter Admissions cycles.  Due to the high level of interest and the limited number of residency positions available for the 2014-15 program, the BTR admissions season is closing early this year and we are no longer accepting applications for Spring Admissions.