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Originally hailing from a small town in Texas, Amanda traveled to Massachusetts to secure a Bachelor of Science in Physics at MIT. During her time at MIT, Amanda led a seminar for freshmen in introductory physics topics, observed high schools in the Boston area, and acted as a teaching assistant for two summers for a program—called Interphase—geared towards incoming freshmen. Amanda has a deep love of physics and of sharing the physics perspective of the world with others, and she cannot wait to begin collaborating with students in the classroom to develop this perspective.

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Inspiration to teach:

From a very young age, my grandfather drilled into my head the importance of education. At the time, I didn’t necessarily understand why, but his passion for learning and educating drew me to the idea of becoming an educator myself. I would even force my younger brother to play “School” with me, giving him homework, quizzes, and progress reports (much to his dismay).

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:

Showing others how they can use physics to model the world around them and how physics can transform the way they view the world. There’s nothing quite like sharing physics with others.

Random thought:

If observations of systems change the state of that system (and thus what we come to understand as “the system” depends on our observation of it), what does it mean for anything to exist in isolation?

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