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Anthony Mathieu is a recent graduate of BTR Cohort 10 and teaches English Language Arts and Humanities. Born and raised in the city of Boston, Anthony is excited to be returning to teach in Boston Public Sschools. Upon graduating from high school in 2008, he received a full-tuition scholarship from the Posse Foundation to attend Hamilton College, where received a B.A. in Government. When he is not in the classroom, Anthony enjoys creating Hip-Hop music and reading.

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Inspiration to teach:

My Women’s Studies professor in college (Anne Lacsamana) and working with Scholars at the Steppingstone Foundation in 2011.

About my students:

Seventh graders who have shown a desire to engage in rigorous work that will lead to equitable access to higher education.

About BTR:

In addition to being given the privilege to teach, I have been afforded the opportunity to develop into the most effective educator I can possibly be. Doing so will hopefully benefit both my students and the Boston Public Schools as a whole.

In My Previous Life:

Before graduating from Hamilton College, I took advantage of several teaching opportunities, working in classrooms through the Steppingstone Foundation. It was here that my desire to teach was realized. Aside from teaching, I endeavored in various extra-curricular activities during college including acting, performing and creating music, Hip-Hop dance, and leading several organizations such as a Hip-Hop cultural initiative and the Womyn’s Community Center.

Random thought:

Having your own unique swag as a teacher is very important. Bringing something original to the table means a lot to students, who desire to distinguish you and your teaching from every other educator in their lives.

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12.09.14 - Advocating Equity

If you were to step foot into some of the most high-performing college preparatory institutions of the Boston Public Schools (BPS), there are a few commonalities you would encounter:

• Student engagement
• Culture of rigor
• Future enrollment in 4-year collegesmore]
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