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Claire Nuchtern is a middle school math resident in BTR Cohort 13. Raised in Houston, TX, Claire completed her undergraduate education at Princeton University. Claire majored in public policy, with a focus on race and discrimination in US domestic policy. During college, Claire devoted her time to increasing educational access through various tutoring programs and two amazing summers teaching math at Breakthrough Collaborative. Claire is extremely passionate about changing the narrative around which groups are supposed to excel in math and looks forward to empowering her students to pursue their educational and personal goals in the years to come.

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About BTR:

• Brain hurts. That’s okay. Growth Mindset.
• Noticing: the hidden rhythm of learning.
• Love: to the moon and back.
• Learners as teachers, teachers as learners.

In more than 6 words, BTR is a powerful community of young-ins, career changers, and everyone in between seeking to learn how to be the best possible teachers for our kids. BTR is a program that respects the teaching profession and invests heavily in ensuring that we enter the classroom as prepared as we possibly could be. It’s hard - but that’s how you know it’s working.

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:

Browse around used book stores in Boston. I recently wound up in one where the store owner had essentially transferred his home library into a store for everyone to peruse. He spoke 25 languages and had several PhDs and was eager to share some of his knowledge with me. I left with a book on the Tea Party and a text on the philosophy of education so I would say it was a success.

Random thought:

I wish I had learned math the way that I’m learning how to teach it! I’m so fired up and excited about the mathematical thinking skills that we’re giving kids so that they can be pumped up about what it means to think like a mathematician. 

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