Dinesh Ayyappan

Dinesh Ayyappan is a BTR Cohort 11 Physics Resident. He was born in India but grew up mostly in Nebraska and New Jersey. In December 2012, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. There, he was a Resident Assistant for two years, tutored at local high schools, and was active in recreational and community service organizations. In his summers, he has volunteered on an organic farm in Maine; curated education news for Delve, a New York-based startup; and, most recently, taught 7th-grade Physics with Breakthrough San Francisco. He likes to play frisbee and soccer, drink chocolate milk, and is becoming a cinephile.

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Inspiration to teach:

The face people make when they understand something new.

About BTR:

I’m surrounded by people who really care about about lifey things with palpable passion and empathy.

In My Previous Life:

I wanted to be a doctor, and then an engineer, but I’ll still be doing both: helping people and designing solutions.

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:

Lie in a warm sunny field.

Random thought:

In a sense, everything in the universe is made of hydrogen and time.

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1.20.14 - Finding Balance

For many of us, winter break was incredible. It was a time to catch up with friends, do that side project we’d been putting off, read something just for fun, or purposefully do nothing. One Resident told me he felt like he had reclaimed… [more]
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10.31.13 - Little Stones

You know that Confucius quote? Bear with me.

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

It just popped into my head and I was trying to connect it to teaching, but then I realized that teaching is a… [more]
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8.13.13 - Pursuing Truth in Literacy Across the Curriculum

Last week, in our Literacy Across the Curriculum course, we talked and learned about reading and writing from different angles. We read about a bunch of tactics we could use in our classes, and we tried a bunch of them, too. On our last… [more]
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7.22.13 - Valuable resources

Last week, one of our instructors told us that our two most valuable resources in a school are people and paper. We’ll understand the paper thing after a couple of months of school, he said. The people part, I’m beginning to see already.

… [more]
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