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Gage Norris is a Secondary English Language Arts Resident. Prior to joining BTR, Gage served as a writing coach through Write Boston for the high schools located in the West Roxbury Educational Complex, and later as a writing specialist with Northeastern University’s Foundation Year program. Both experiences shaped his desire to teach and sparked an appreciation of composition and grammar. He also spent a year on the communications staff of the Boston-based medical nonprofit Partners In Health. Gage holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College.

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Inspiration to teach:

My ninth grade English teacher, who challenged and supported my learning, and my supervisors from WriteBoston, who always believed I could become a good teacher.

About my students:

I’ve worked with lots of students before, but never as a Teacher with a capital T. I’m excited to meet my students in September, and will work very hard to learn all of their names as quickly as possible.

About BTR:

It is exciting, challenging, and humbling—just as I imagine teaching to be.
My fellow residents inspire me every single day, without fail.

In My Previous Life:

I worked as a writing coach in the West Roxbury Educational Complex, then in a similar position with Northeastern’s Foundation Year program, then as a writer with the global health organization Partners In Health, and now with BTR, and it feels like I’ve landed.

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:

Play super-loud rock music.

Random thought:

I miss my car, if only for the air conditioning.

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11.30.14 - First-Year Checkpoint

Since my last reflective writing, I’ve officially become a first-year teacher, which is a formal way of saying I’ve officially become a complete and total mess with a fancy ID card. Brand new students, brand new building, brand new mistakes every single day. One… [more]
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6.16.14 - The Last Two Weeks

Last summer, my high school English teacher told me that this year would be hell, and that I’d love every minute of it. She was mostly right.

There were plenty of minutes that I didn’t love. There were some that I hated. There were… [more]
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2.25.14 - Journals about Water

A few days ago, a fellow resident told me about a series of science lessons she’d planned for her students to read and learn about the properties of water. One of the lessons was a short experiment to see if they could get a… [more]
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2.02.14 - Relearning Perfectionism

I’m a self-described perfectionist. I obsess over minor details and question them endlessly. I search for the perfect word, the perfect spot for each comma, the perfect melody, color, or shape. Then I choose one and question it all over again.

I’m usually… [more]
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10.28.13 - Learning Over Time

Yesterday, I invested in a digital wristwatch. It’s got a nice big display, and it tells me the date, day of the week, and time down to the second. I’d been wearing an analog watch for the last two months of teaching, until I… [more]
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