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Grace Evans is a graduate of BTR Cohort 10. She taught special education math at BCLA during her residency year, and will be teaching special ed math at the Timilty Middle School in School Year 2013-14. Grace graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Public Policy and a minor in Physics. She is excited about creating a diverse learning environment with diverse learners.

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Inspiration to teach:

My mother, who teaches first and second grade.

About my students:

Seventh and eighth graders at the Timilty Middle School, most with communication impairments and specific learning disabilities.

About BTR:

Participating in this community of talented people lets me know that none of us does this work alone. My weaknesses are balanced by others’ strengths; students need multiple types of adults in their lives to be successful; no one of us has to be everything all the time. Together we create a movement.

In My Previous Life:

I taught discussion-based classes to ninth graders about sexual health, ran an after-school science club for third graders, and studied education policy through the lens of economics and statistics.

Random thought:

Sometimes the best classes are the days where children explain to you—and the captive audience of other children—how to make fried Kool-Aid.

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7.23.13 - Consolidation: What I Learned in a Year

The past month has brought many milestones. The residency ended, and last week we officially graduated from BTR. I have lived in Boston now for more than a full year, and I have a job lined up for the coming school year. To cement… [more]
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10.10.12 - What’s Special About Special Education?

I co-teach three substantially separate special education classes, and my one general education class includes several students with IEPs [Individual Education Plans]. As a result, I have spent the first month of school entirely relearning how to talk to students. The basic questions I… [more]
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7.12.12 - What are you about?

I’m one month out of college and one week into Boston and this new career. Outside of BTR, I know exactly three people in this city. I’ve never before been to Boston except for Selection Day. In high school words: New things are scary.… [more]
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