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Originally from Camden, NJ, she was the first student in her school’s history to be accepted to and graduate from an Ivy League University. At Brown University, she was able to develop a greater understanding of the social inequalities her neglected community faced.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, she eagerly joined City Year Boston to tutor and mentor students who faced similar struggles as she did, growing up in a low-income urban community. In the two years she spent with City Year, she was inspired by the organization, students, and teachers whom she served with and realized that her passion was in teaching. 

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Inspiration to teach:

My road to discovering my passion to teach has been a rather recent one in comparison to those who have know since their childhood days of watching Saturday morning cartoons. I grew up in an low-income neighborhood that often seemed to dictate the types of profession I dreamed to aspire to. Luckily I had a family that demanded I believe I could be a doctor or psychologist, but never a teacher. It wasn’t until I attended Brown University that I realized I loved Education and that the level of education made available to my community was not what it should be. My belief on social justice drives my passion for teaching as a quality education is a right that not all students are privileged to.

About BTR:

It was the second day of BTR and sitting rather close and comfortably on the Orchard Gardens K-8 Auditorium stage was a row of BTR graduates.They were a motley crew of almost all experienced teachers (there was a recent graduate just entering his first year of teaching). They were all there to share some words of wisdom and inform us of the year to come. I don’t exaggerate when I say that every piece of advice they shared was reflective of what it meant to me to be a committed, passionate, humble and helpful teacher. I quickly realized that I was in the right place if BTR means being a part of this community of amazing educators.

In My Previous Life:

I would like to think I was a activist/monk or both? I say this because of how much I have come to value and appreciate patience and reflection/meditation. This is something very foreign to my parents,family and upbringing so obviously there is no other explanation than I’ve must have carried over some personality traits from my previous life.

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:

Ugh this question is so difficult! In my current mood, it would be talking with friends around a large table of food. There is nothing better than enjoying time with loved ones! OR relaxing at Starbucks with some delicious coffee and a great book!

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