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Justin Norton is a graduate of BTR Cohort 6, and completed a residency in English Language Arts at Charlestown High School.  He currently is a Social Studies teacher at Boston Latin Academy in Dorchester.  Justin was a recent recipient of a Fund For Teachers (FFT) grant to participate in an education tour of South Africa run by a non-profit organization called South Africa Partners, and traveled over the summer to Johannesburg, Cape Town, and East London.  He spent a week in East London schools observing and participating in classroom instruction, and interviewing key figures of post-aparthied education reform in South Africa.  Justin’s goal is to use what he’s learned during his FFT study to provide his students with deeper content knowledge of educational equity and community engagement in his civics courses.

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4.29.14 - An International Perspective on Student Experiences in Education

For all BTR residents and current teachers, I hope everyone is coming back rested and relaxed for the final push of the year!  It’s always tough to drag yourself back into the classroom after you get a taste of the beautiful weather coming our… [more]
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9.03.13 - Participatory Action Research in South Africa

This summer was an extremely eventful one for me: in between vacationing in Maine, driving to a wedding in Chicago, and buying my first home, I participated in a two-week education tour of South Africa this past July. I first want to acknowledge two… [more]
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