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Kayla Morse, BTR Cohort 9, is a native Floridian from the Greater Orlando area, a proud alumna of the University of Florida [Class of 2011], and an active member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.  Prior to joining BTR, Kayla served as a teacher intern at Breakthrough Greater Boston [formerly Breakthrough Cambridge] for the summers of 2009 and 2010.  Kayla completed her BTR residency in a fifth grade classroom at Young Achievers K-8 School in Mattapan.  After serving as a full inclusion educator for two years at the William W. Henderson Inclusion Elementary School in Dorchester, she will be joining BPE’s Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School as a Founding 3rd grade teacher this school year.

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2.05.14 - The How and the Why

“How did I get here?”  I asked myself as I glanced around my empty classroom on last Friday evening. There were still pencils on the floor and books not quite put away, but I was ready to go, I was exhausted.

So, I… [more]
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3.12.13 - A stirring conviction and a big move

BTR recently had the great pleasure of chatting with Kayla Morse, a first year teacher and BTR Cohort 9 graduate, about her experiences as a young woman of color moving to Boston to participate in BTR and teach in Boston.  Kayla felt strongly about… [more]
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