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Larry earned a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Psychology from New York University, and a master’s degree in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School. He was involved in survey research and data analysis for many years before deciding to make the change into teaching, including working on national elections for a major media outlet. Larry was inspired to work with children in part through his involvement with the Boston Children’s Theater, the Brookline public school system, and other local youth organizations.

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Inspiration to teach:

I was inspired to teach by my friends in the education field, including teachers and a friend who runs a school catering towards children with special needs. All of them believe passionately in the work they do gain personal emotional rewards from their work, and believe they are making a difference in children’s lives. I was also inspired by my own son’s teachers who have done a wonderful job preparing him to succeed in life.

About BTR:

During my process of applying to the Boston Teacher Residency program, I had the opportunity to speak with and observe dedicated teachers and principals in the Boston Public School system. They were unanimous in their opinion that this program is absolutely the best preparation I can receive for a career in teaching public school. My conversations with these individuals gave me considerable confidence that I was proceeding in the correct way.

In My Previous Life:

In my previous life, I worked in the survey research field. This meant I spent considerable time designing and analyzing surveys and moderating focus groups. I spent a lot of time reflecting on how people think, develop beliefs, and process the information they receive. My favorite aspect of the work was social - leading discussions, getting people to open up and talk about their experiences. I believe this will be useful training in my career in teaching.

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:

My favorite thing in the world to do is to watch my son, who is a teenage actor, perform on stage. Working with him and watching him develop as a person brings me endless joy.

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7.17.15 - A Residency Year Completed

A year has passed since I began the Boston Teacher Residency Program. The year has been everything BTR promised. I worked harder over the past year than at any other time in my life, yet it was immensely rewarding, and I feel far more… [more]
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9.29.14 - That Magic Moment

September marks a huge transition for BTR residents. All summer, we took coursework preparing for the year ahead. We sat in classrooms with our fellow residents discussing countless topics related to teaching, yet with many of us wondering what it will actually be like… [more]
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8.06.14 - First Impressions

We have completed our first segment of the program, and have only a couple of weeks left of summer classes before the year begins in earnest. It’s been true immersion into the world of teaching. I find myself constantly thinking about the topics we… [more]
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