Liz Peters

Liz Peters is an English resident in BTR Cohort 13. A native of New Haven, CT, Liz graduated from Yale University, where she majored in English, conducted a local girls’ choir, and worked as a freshman counselor. After graduation, Liz moved to China to spend two years as an English teacher at an urban public school in China’s Hunan province. In addition to teaching English classes, Liz directed English language musicals, counseled college-bound students, and studied Mandarin Chinese. Liz is overjoyed to be a member of BTR Cohort 13 and a future Boston Public School teacher.

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About my students:

I could not be more excited to think, learn, make mistakes, and figure things out with you.

About BTR:

I am unbelievably lucky to be a part of a cohort of people who care so deeply about teaching, learning, and, most of all, their future students.

In My Previous Life:

After graduating from college, I spent two years in Changsha, China teaching Oral English classes at a local public high school. In addition to my time in the classroom, I most loved working with students to put on two full-length English musicals. As a result, I have learned an embarrassing amount of High School Musical choreography and can’t hear “A Whole New World” without getting emotional.

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:

Laugh until my stomach hurts (note: lack of abdominal workout routine makes this easier to achieve!)

Random thought:

I firmly believe that getting enough sleep is a key to happiness.


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