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Malcolm King is a Cohort 10 graduate of BTR and currently teaches English Language Arts. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Malcolm earned his bachelors degree in English from Hampton University. His commitment to serving children led him to work in education. In 2009, Malcolm worked for the Falu Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Spanish Harlem that services the community through its and tutoring and early childhood education programs. Malcolm was one of the lead instructors working with middle school students in the after school component. Following his work at the Falu Foundation, Malcolm worked as a Writing Specialist at the Harlem Children’s Zone. His role there was to increase students’ decoding and critical thinking skills. Though challenging, the experience provided him with an opportunity to work closely with black and Hispanic male youth, a student population he is committed to serving in his role as a teacher. Malcolm’s ultimate goal is to bring higher literacy rates and writing proficiency to minority communities.

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Inspiration to teach:

A troubled student who turned himself around.

About my students:

They are courageous, critical, engaged, passionate, and socially conscious.

In My Previous Life:

I was Kuwasi Balagoon.

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:


Random thought:

Everyday I’m hustling means waking up each morning with a goal in mind.

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6.16.16 - They’re Kids

They’re kids. They scramble ‘round my room, call each other names, slam down their books, pass notes across my aisles, cough loudly to cover expletives. They’re kids. They touch the display when they’re not supposed to. They want a bathroom break right after lunch.… [more]
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6.09.15 - Singing the Melody: Freedom to be Flexible

Sticking to the melody is a natural part of singing. The composer or songwriter gives you the notes and you lilt them, as written. According to the arrangement or how the director tells you, you phrase it in a way that they tell you… [more]
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2.04.15 - I Thought I Was Ready

BTR didn’t prepare me for everything. It was a tremendous program, probably the best of its kind. Our 13 months of rigorous preparation almost makes me feel boastful of the ranged approach and depth of curriculum instructional strategies in my teaching arsenal. I can… [more]
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10.30.12 - Inception

If you’ve ever seen Inception, you may be able to imagine how hard it is to understand the process of teaching. For those that haven’t, a little background. Inception is a movie about an expert thief who goes into people’s dreams to steal their… [more]
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9.14.12 - Double Consciousness

Throughout this summer I have had many courses that have challenged my thinking about social justice. Amid the turmoil of trying to understand my life, my personal history, and my relationship to oppression, I have been inundated with what this all means for my… [more]
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