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Nalin A. Ratnayake is a graduate of BTR Cohort X. He now teaches physics at New Mission High School in Hyde Park, Boston.  He earned his undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University and holds a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in airbreathing, rocket, and advanced propulsion from the University of Southern California. For the six years prior to joining BTR’s 10th Cohort, he was a NASA research engineer in the Mojave Desert of California. He has published 11 peer-reviewed technical papers on supersonic airbreathing propulsion, environmentally responsible aviation technologies, and advanced access-to-space systems.  Outside of work, he enjoys theatre, reading, writing, running, cooking, photography, and nerding out.

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Inspiration to teach:

The child of immigrants and inspired by his grand-parents (all of whom were teachers), Nalin is grateful for the doors that education opened for him. He is excited for his BTR residency in high school physics, and hopes to educate and inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers.

About BTR:

This is a self-aware, organic thing that fails and learns and grows,
This is the anti-injustice posse,
This is love in the face of a dark and gritty world,
This is educator special-forces,
This is a movement,
This is moral courage,
This is a family.

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:

Anything that involves absorbing new knowledge or experience or places, double points if with people I love to be with.

Random thought:

I can quit coffee anytime I want to, I just, um, choose not to.

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8.15.13 - I’ve Got Friends in This Game

You can never be sure what students have learned until you ask them to apply knowledge in an authentic scenario.

It’s a fine mantra for teachers to think about when assessing their students. But now I’m a graduated student of teaching, and I’m… [more]
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4.11.13 - It’s getting better

Here’s why it’s getting better.

Sure, the weather has been lovely. That helps.

The last three months have been a slow climb out of the depths of January. I’ve seen my own teaching and confidence improve, and I’ve taken heart at the day… [more]
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1.22.13 - Lasting the Winter

These are dark times for residents.

By an informal poll, most of us are struggling with the same stresses right now. It is coming home bone-tired and glancing sadly at the ever-growing pile of assignments and readings that we will never… [more]
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10.19.12 - It’s Snowing on Venus: Students as Sense-Makers

They say that October marks the beginning of the disillusionment phase of the first-year teacher cycle. While I can definitely see how this might be happening to me, I’ve been trying to focus on the little islands of inspiration that surface in unexpected… [more]
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9.03.12 - Scientific Literacy as Social Justice

I’ve been thinking a lot about literacy across the curriculum since I took a class called… well, Literacy Across the Curriculum. As a science teacher in training, I suppose one might wonder why I would want to think so much about literacy, but the… [more]
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