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Nehemie Cesar is a BTR Cohort 12 Elementary Graduate. Her passion for education stemmed from her own familial beliefs and her own experience attending public schools most of her life. At the beginning of her high school career, Nehemie moved from her hometown of West Philadelphia to the endless summers of South Florida. She went on to attend the University of Florida and earned a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education. She hopes to continue to grow as an educator and to one day see where all students have access to an equitable education.

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Inspiration to teach:

My inspiration to teach derives from my parents. From a very young age, my parents instilled the value of education in my siblings and me. In my parents’ home country there was no institution of public education, at least as not as complex as the one we have here in the States. With their constant emphasis and appreciation for public education, it felt natural when I decided to become a teacher. My parents’ view on education provided me with a loving lens for this profession.

About my students:

I cannot wait to meet and work with the students in the classroom of my first year teaching and beyond. I feel very blessed to be able to work alongside students on their journey of learning.

About BTR:

It’s exciting to be a part of a community whose main focus is students and their access to equitable education. It’s refreshing!

Favorite Thing in the World To Do:

Asking someone how their day went is one of my favorite things to do.  I value when someone honestly tells me about their day because it offers me a brief glimpse into that person’s world and their thought processes. A very close second for a favorite thing to do is waking up early to watch the sunrise. There’s nothing like the dawn of a new day.

Random thought:

Being human is both the strongest and weakest thing I could ever be.

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10.22.14 - Authentic Inclusion

It’s been a month since school started.

My palms were sweaty the first day, my toes digging into my leather loafers.

I spent the first few days preparing for the classroom, haven’t yet prepared myself.

And the students joined the classroom. The room filled… [more]
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