Elisabeth Kanner

Elisabeth Kanner

Induction Coach (History)

Elisabeth Kanner joined BPE in 2011 as a Clinical Teacher Educator for History. As an Educational Studies major at Brown University, she developed a passion for education and school reform. She was a founding teacher at the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School, teaching Arts and Humanities to middle and high school students. In 2000, Ms. Kanner began the doctoral program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, where her research focused on civic education. During her graduate program, she worked in the Graduate School of Education Teacher Education Program as a supervisor, researcher, mentor teacher, and advisor. Ms. Kanner has been a lecturer on the Methods of Teaching History and Introduction to Teaching at Harvard and she has worked as a researcher for the Urban Teacher Training Collaborative at Tufts University. Ms. Kanner was a curriculum writer at Facing History and Ourselves, where she created lessons and units designed to deepen students’ historical understanding and nurture their growth as decision-makers and active community members.


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