Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School

6 Shirley Street
Roxbury, MA 02119

Principal: Christine Landry
BTR Site Director:


The Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School was founded with the belief that excellent schools are a crucial part of strong, vibrant urban communities. The Dudley Street School is an “in-district” charter school, part of the Boston Public Schools. It currently serves 132 students in grades K1, K2, and first grade. In future years, the school will grow to serve 325 students in grades K1-5.

To realize its promise of preparing all students to read proficiently by third grade and to be on the path for success in college and careers, the Dudley Street School was designed with several unique features:

-more time for student and adult learning, with a longer school day and year
-flexible student grouping that maximizes teachers’ expertise and ensures students are taught the content and skills they need when they need them
-ongoing monitoring of every student’s progress and the school’s progress as a whole
-comprehensive social‐emotional supports provided in partnership with neighborhood partners
-a unique partnership with Boston Teacher Residency, in which new teachers are trained through an intensive residency program and all teachers have unique opportunities to advance their practice.

Founded by BPE and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, the Dudley Street School is working with local partners to ensure all children have access to a seamless, high-quality education.


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Elementary & K8

  • Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School
    Roxbury, MA

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